Dec 12 2006

Wordcandy's Recommended Gift List, Part II

Behold: our latest and greatest gift suggestions, just in time for you to have to pay expedited shipping charges! (And last year's suggestions are still pretty awesome, if you're looking for even...

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Dec 11 2006

Romance novels? NIMBY.

You know, I didn't realize that romance novel readers didn't belong on the Metro when I was in DC a few months ago. I never would have guessed, either--those massive posters of the guy from Small...

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Dec 10 2006

If you're going to be in Cambridge today...

...then you NEED to go to Yule Ball 2006, featuring musical acts Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, The Remus Lupins, and more!But if you can't make it to the Yule Ball, then head on ov...

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Dec 8 2006

It's Amanda McKittrick Ros Day!

Today, dear readers, is the day we honor Amanda McKittrick Ros, the Irish novelist and poet that some have called "the worst writer ever". That seems a little harsh (have they read Catherine Coul...

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Dec 7 2006

Pleasure for Pleasure, by Eloisa James


With her nods to Shakespeare, fondness for lofty literary quotations, and unsentimental dialogue, Eloisa James clearly wants to stand out from the bodice-ripper pack. Unfortunately, she seems less interested in coherent plot structure. Her most recent novel, Pleasure for Pleasure, isn’t totally unreadable, but it’s damn close...

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Dec 7 2006

La Nora

The page for the Lifetime TV movie adaptations of four of Nora Roberts's novels is up. While it's encouraging that Ms. Roberts is excited about these productions, my hopes are not high, seeing as...

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Dec 6 2006

More HP news...

This last Saturday's broadcast of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on ABC Family included several sneak peeks of the upcoming Order of the Phoenix movie. In case (like me) you don't regula...

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Dec 5 2006

It's the book world's answer to Netflix: for a nominal fee, (misnomer: it's cheap, not free) will send you any of their 88,000+ paperbacks and audiobooks, along with a self-addressed...

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Dec 4 2006

Cover art presumptive

Check out the cover art for the paperback edition of Annette Curtis Klause's Freaks: Alive on the Inside:Isn't it beautiful? I'm pretty sure that's the same artist that does Bill Willingham's Fab...

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Dec 3 2006


The Oxford University Press is offering the full 20-volume set of the Oxford English Dictionary for a mere $895!!! Anyone who's ever used the OED at their university library knows what a marvelous...

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Dec 1 2006

Well, here's the cover for volume five.

I really don't want to have to try to translate Yotsuba&! volume five myself. My two semesters of college Japanese didn't exactly leave me fluent (although they did leave me speaking my equally b...

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Nov 30 2006

Britney's Book Club

Check it out--proof positive that even celebrities are forced to read depressing, melodramatic Great Works. It's a page from Britney Spears' junior high-era essay on Antigone, up for auction at C...

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Nov 29 2006

Austen news

Since we're talking about Austen on the main site anyway, we might as well unload all the news at once. Behold: pictures of the upcoming versions of Persuasion and Mansfield Park:Anne--->Fanny (lo...

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Nov 28 2006

He'll get my $8.75.

Although just last week there were rumors to the contrary*, now we're hearing that Peter Jackson will be directing the film version of The Hobbit, although the film won't be made by New Line. Con...

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Nov 27 2006

Jane and the Barque of Frailty, by Stephanie Barron


Stephanie Barron’s Jane Austen mysteries are always clever, but some of the books in the series are more emotionally effective than others. It’s difficult to forget the facts of Austen’s life—she...

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Nov 27 2006

It's not the lack of girl-friendly comics, it's the lack of girl-friendly comic stores.

The New York Times has an article up about DC's upcoming "Minx" imprint, due to be unleashed next May. Minx will be a line of graphic novels (seven titles are planned for release in 2007) aimed a...

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Nov 25 2006

Nothing says "class" like a little zebra print.

While visiting the Neiman Marcus website, admiring the (still massively, massively overpriced) clearance items, I ran across this "Pemberly Manor" bed linens set, priced at the, um, very reasonab...

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Nov 24 2006

Like you're going to do something better with that six bucks.

Powell's Bookstore in Portland, Oregon has embarked on their second Schoolbook Challenge. For each $5.95 "book pledge" contribution, good for one paperback book, Powell's will donate TEN books to ...

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Nov 23 2006


Behold, the Avalon High sequel:And yes: it is a MANGA. WORLDS COLLIDE, PEOPLE!Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nov 22 2006

More preview action

Well, I'm trying to be all adult and mature about this, so I can only say this: the newest Harry Potter trailer looks totally awesome. (That's me being restrained.) The last shot's a little giggle...

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Nov 21 2006

Clear your shelves.

I know that there are loads of charities out there at this time of year that need your support, but not all of them are willing to take your gently used paperbacks off of your hands. If you're loo...

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Nov 20 2006

I'm pretty sure that Barry wouldn't approve.

Wow: turns out there's a musical version of Nick Hornby's book High Fidelity, coming soon to Broadway. (Clearly, one mediocre movie adaptation wasn't enough; this was a story that was crying out f...

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Nov 19 2006

Wordcandy loves Mr. Blake

If you're in the market for a little Wordcandy-approved, kid-friendly, TOTALLY FREE artwork, download this "Rights of the Reader" poster, illustrated by longtime Roald Dahl collaborator Quentin Blake.

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Nov 18 2006

Holy cow.

I had a party the night I graduated from college, and, in lieu of party favors, I celebrated my academic liberation by fobbing off all of my least favorite college textbooks onto various guests. I...

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Nov 18 2006

The Deception of the Emerald Ring, by Lauren Willig


Apparently, Penguin has a tagline for author Lauren Willig: “Lawyer by day, romance novelist by night”. The press release that they sent out with the latest installment in her swashbuckling...

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Nov 17 2006

Preview of a preview

Well... it isn't the full trailer, but it's almost ten seconds' worth of Harry Potter goodness that you don't need to buy tickets to Happy Feet to experience. Click here to enjoy!Note: I'm sorry,...

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Nov 16 2006


Wordcandy-approved author M.T. Anderson won the National Book Prize for Young People's Literature yesterday, for his book The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume On...

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Nov 15 2006

A bit more...

Actually, it turns out there's some Harry Potter merchandise I wouldn't mind owning! Who knew? I really like some of the t-shirts available through the Warners Bro. online store. This one's my fav...

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Nov 14 2006

Harry Potter odds and ends

Warner Bros. has released this set of five Hogwarts-themed Christmas ornaments, retailing for a mere (HAH!) $55. (For those of you doing the math, that's approximately two-thirds of a Goong Box Se...

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Nov 13 2006

Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, by Bill Willingham


I always encourage comic book-wary female readers to try Bill Willingham’s Fables. Not only is it unquestionably a story for grown-ups, it’s one of the few American comics I've encountered that boasts a truly involving romantic storyline. I love almost everything about this series—except for the internal artwork, which has consistently been competent but pedestrian...

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