Easy-bake evolution

The New York Times is currently featuring an article about a publishing boom in the children's cookbook genre. According to the author, the market for books aimed at youthful cooks is increasingly customized by age (teach your toddler to make lettuce wraps, etc.), and will soon include several books from celebrity chefs.

I love the idea of child-oriented cookbooks, but I have to wonder if parents will be willing to let their children experiment in the kitchen as food prices go up and the desire to eat organic, locally-grown food increases. It's one thing to let your kid burn some toast, but it's quite another to watch them experiment with a six-dollar cube of organic butter....
Posted by: Julianka


14 May, 2008 05:54 PM @ version 0

Dude, I totally want to cook from a book called 'The Pink Princess Cookbook'.

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