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Mar 14 2006

Alan Moore + Hollywood = ...meh.

Brace yourselves, gentle readers, there's another Alan Moore film adaptation coming out. Why? Why does Hollywood keep doing this to us? Was From Hell any good? No. Was The League of Extraordina...

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Mar 13 2006

Wordcandy does NOT love Peyton Place.

From the AP Wire:Sandra Bullock to star in film about "Peyton Place" author Grace Metalious(AP) - NEW YORK-Sandra Bullock has agreed to star in a film about "Peyton Place" author Grace Metalious, ...

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Feb 18 2006

Nora Roberts movies?

LOS ANGELES, February 1: Four bestselling novels from Nora Roberts will be adapted into original TV movies through a deal announced today between the author, Peter Guber's Mandalay Television and ...

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Feb 2 2006

More Casting Choices - Harry Potter

Well, kids, we have some new casting announcements for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Er... you kind of have to imagine these actors' potential. (Thought not so much in the case of ...

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Feb 1 2006

Bad Casting Choices

I am told that Marilyn Manson is to play Lewis Carroll in an upcoming film. Let's examine this casting choice, shall we?Marilyn Manson:Lewis Carroll:Hmm. Not exactly a perfect fit- Mr. Carroll d...

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Dec 8 2005

The Lion, the Witch, and the Lord of the Rings rip-off

Based on previews alone, this movie would have won my vote for "Stupidest Literary Adaptation of 2005". However, I also hated the preview for the film version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of ...

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