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May 11 2009

Keanu Reeves as Dr. Jekyll?

...dude.Not content with ruining my beloved Cowboy Bebop, is reporting that Keanu Reeves will be bringing his uniquely wooden charm to an upcoming film adaptation of Robert Louis St...

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May 8 2009

Recycling: Jane Austen edition

Oooh, forum posters at the Republic of Pemberley have dug up several photos of the upcoming film adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma. I don't understand why they cast Johnny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightl...

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May 4 2009

Anita Blake: the movie?!

Cable network IFC is working with Lionsgate to produce a TV movie based on the Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter books. It is the network's first theatrical-length movie production...

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May 1 2009


Trailer's up for the upcoming film adaptation of Julie and Julia:Ah, the magic of Hollywood... they managed to make Amy Adams dowdy, and Meryl Streep 16 feet tall.

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Apr 29 2009

Wait—they're making a movie version of Beezus and Ramona?

Apparently, I am (once again) behind the times, because they're already filming.As long-time readers of the site now, I have a particular love for the Ramona books. For one thing, the first bite o...

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Apr 23 2009


Variety is reporting that Angelina Jolie will be starring in Fox 2000's film adaptation of Patricia Cornwell's Dr. Kay Scarpetta series. There are 16 Scarpetta novels, but this movie won't be an a...

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Apr 21 2009

HP trailer news (Part II)

I finally found a copy of the new HP trailer that I was able to embed:Seriously, guys, this movie looks so exciting. I'm still having trouble picturing how the last book will work on film (I mean,...

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Apr 20 2009

Ah, Underworld. How I've missed you!

Ooh, news to warm my Underworld-loving heart: Kevin Grevioux (one of the co-creators of the Underworld series as well of one its actors--the fanged dude, featured at right) is working on a new com...

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Apr 20 2009

Jen Sacks's Nice to be made into a movie

Variety is reporting that Fox Searchlight has acquired screen rights to Jen Sacks' Nice, an eyebrow-raising romantic comedy about a timid woman who would rather kill her boyfriends than hurt their...

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Apr 17 2009

New Harry Potter trailer is up... here if you haven't seen it yet. These movies have been uneven in quality, but I have high hopes for this one.

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Apr 16 2009

Berkeley Breathed goes to the movies

I was reading Go Fug Yourself yesterday afternoon, and I was so sorry to see that the adorably diminutive Seth Green has done something horrifying to his hair. (I'm sorry, Mr. Green, but no one is...

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Apr 9 2009

Napoleon = cinematic gold?

According to Cinematical, there are two very different movies based on Napoleon's time in exile on St. Helena coming down the pike: Napoleon and Betsy, a historical romance starring Harry Potter's...

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Apr 8 2009

Who knew?

Several news outlets have written posts in honor (uh... kinda) of the recent DVD release of George Lucas's movie Howard the Duck. I've never seen this film, but I read the Slate article "Wauaugh!"...

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Apr 7 2009

The World Without Us... the movie?

Huh. According to, Fox Pictures has acquired the film rights to Alan Weisman's The World Without Us. They plan to transform the bestselling nonfiction title into "a fictional feature [film...

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Mar 31 2009

The Scarlet Letter goes high school

Frankly, the story has always struck me as being fairly juvenile, so this seems like a pretty good fit.Variety is reporting that Will Gluck is directing a film called Easy A, a "modern, high schoo...

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Mar 25 2009
Mar 25 2009

Georgette Heyer's film adaptations

The question of “Why hasn’t there been a Georgette Heyer television adaptation?” is one of the great Wordcandy conundrums, right up there with “How can anybody read the Twilight books without want...

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Mar 23 2009

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: the movie

We have some non-Heyer-related news to cover this week, too, like the release of the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs movie trailer:Huh. Looks nothing like the book I remember, apart from a coup...

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Mar 4 2009

Public Enemies

Trailer's up for Public Enemies, Michael Mann's upcoming movie adaptation of Bryan Burrough's nonfiction book Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933–34:Looks ...

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Feb 27 2009

The mind boggles

I cannot BELIEVE they're going to do this, but The Hollywood Reporter assures me it's true:Hollywood is looking to remake The NeverEnding Story.Scarier still, the article linked above suggests tha...

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Feb 26 2009

Sticking with what works

Variety is reporting that Juno's Diablo Cody will be producing an adaptation of S.G. Browne's upcoming novel Breathers: A Zombie's Lament. That's a fun cover, and I respect Cody's commitment to th...

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Feb 25 2009

A little look-see

I didn't watch the Oscars, but apparently they featured a bunch of clips of upcoming movies during the ending credits, including some first-glimpse looks at several Wordcandy-friendly movies:

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Feb 23 2009


MTV's Spoilers has some never-before-seen material and news up from both Watchmen and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, for those of us who don't believe in delayed gratification.

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Feb 20 2009

Life of Pi, the movie

According to Variety, Ang Lee is in talks to direct Life of Pi, an adaptation of the Man Booker Prize-winning novel by Yann Martel. The book, which I have not read, is described as the story of "a...

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Feb 19 2009

Downward Spiral, Part II

NPR's All Things Considered mentioned the Austen + Predator story, too. I particularly enjoyed their audio editing job, which combined samples from the 1995 TV version of Pride and Prejudice with...

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Feb 18 2009

Larry Doyle book to hit the big screen

The trailer's up for the movie adaptation of I Love You, Beth Cooper, and it looks, well, totally painful:I couldn't really get past the opening scene, where the main character (a high school seni...

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Feb 17 2009

Dan Simmons news

The Denver Decider* has posted a great interview with Wordcandy favorite Dan Simmons. In addition to being chatty and charming and generally awesome, Mr. Simmons mentions in passing that director ...

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Feb 5 2009

Two upcoming King Lear movies?

Ugh. Just what the world needs.According to Cinematical, the first adaptation will star Anthony Hopkins, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Naomi Watts, and the second one is a "brilliant adap...

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Feb 3 2009

Dan Simmons movie moves forward

According to the SCI FI Wire, Warner Brothers has picked Scott Derrickson (director of the recent The Day the Earth Stood Still remake) to direct the film adaptation of Dan Simmons's Hyperion seri...

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Jan 30 2009

Bonnets are REVIVED!

Remember that post about the death of costumed dramas on the BBC? Well, apparently the BBC didn't mean it, because it has been CONFIRMED that they will be producing a FOUR-HOUR-LONG adaptation of ...

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