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Jan 4 2011

The Green Lantern flexes for the big screen

I have my doubts about this Green Lantern trailer: It looks seriously hokey, and I've never really been into the whole golden-child appeal of either Blake Lively or Ryan Reynolds. However, my ...

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Dec 28 2010

Setting yourself up for disappointment

The BuzzSugar staff has helpfully compiled a list of 15 books to read before their film adaptations are released. Considerate of them, although why'd they leave out The Invention of Hugo Cabret?

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Dec 22 2010

Jane Eyre on the big screen. Again.

Why, look at this, another Jane Eyre adaptation! That would be... what, the fourth version made for television or film in the past 15 years? Most of me thinks we should let poor Jane get some re...

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Dec 16 2010

Oscar bait

The movie trailer for Sara Gruen's Water For Elephants is out. Behold:Wow, middlebrow angst, cute animals, period costumes, and Edward Cullen? It's like they're trying to smash every successful ...

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Dec 14 2010

Figure-skating... WITH THE GODS!

The official trailer for Marvel's Thor movie is out, and it left me with two burning questions. Is that dark-haired dude all in black meant to be Loki, and, if so, is he supposed to look just lik...

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Dec 6 2010

Tron 1.5

I've never grasped the appeal, but fans of Disney's Tron franchise might want to pick up a copy of Tron: Betrayal, the graphic novel prequel to the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie. Apparently, the bo...

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Dec 2 2010

Dry your tears, Buffy fans.

I've only been keeping half an eye out for news about the proposed Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot, but I did see an article on the MTV Movies Blog that (gently) chided series creator Joss Whedon—...

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Nov 17 2010

"You better watch yourself." Seriously, film?

Behold, the dark-and-sexy new film take on Little Red Riding Hood:Okay... that looks hilarious, and unintentionally so. I am so there.P.S. Is it just me, or did they steal most of their costumin...

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Nov 15 2010

Jumping the gun?

Deadline is reporting that Fox 2000 has bought the rights to a projected YA trilogy written by Julianna Baggott. The series doesn't actually have a publisher yet, much less a release date or cove...

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Nov 2 2010

Goin' to the movies

Time for another film adaptation news round-up!According to the MTV Movies Blog, Johnny Depp might be playing the Huntsman in the movie Snow White and The Huntsman. The Hollywood Reporter is offer...

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Nov 1 2010

So confused

Well, here's the trailer for From Prada to Nada, the latest film version based (obviously very loosely) on Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility:Huh. Is Wilmer Valderrama playing the Colonel Brando...

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Oct 25 2010

Literary casting round-up: sci-fi, fantasy, and The Great Gatsby

Lots of book-to-movie casting news coming out recently:Leonardo DiCaprio has apparently read for the role of Jay Gatsby in the still-up-in-the-air adaptation of The Great Gatsby.Martin Freeman (be...

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Oct 13 2010

Didn't they see King Kong?

Well, well. Further Hobbit movie news: according to the MTV Movies Blog, Peter Jackson's two-part film adaptation of the novel is going to cost a whopping $500 million on top of $100 million in ...

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Oct 4 2010

I was hoping this trend would be beyond tired by 2012.

Twentieth Century Fox has purchased the film rights for Seth Grahame-Smith's novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. (Grahame-Smith also wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and is therefore the...

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Sep 30 2010

Ooooh, hardcore!

Well, dear readers, here are a couple of movie trailers based on books that wouldn't quite make the Wordcandy A-list. First, I Am Number Four:It's that dude from that terrible-looking Beastly mov...

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Sep 27 2010

The passion of the gnomes

Well, the trailer for Gnomeo and Juliet is out:On the one hand, there's an A-list cast (well, except for Ozzy Osbourne). On the other, there's Elton John music and that inexplicable (and totally ...

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Sep 22 2010

So many bad ideas in one place...

Speaking of the book-to-movie transition, the fine people at BuzzSugar have put together a list of 15 Books To Read Before They're Adapted For the Screen. At least at this point, I'm only plannin...

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Sep 21 2010

Artemis Fowl the movie: MIA

Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch column has posted an article guessing at the next YA book to be adapted for the big screen. Most of the story is pure speculation—will Hollywood ever made a 3-D ad...

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Sep 14 2010

Ah, gimmicks

Yet another snippet of Disney Princess news has come my way: a sing-a-long version of Beauty and Beast will be shown in a limited number of theaters on September 29th and October 2nd. Hopefully t...

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Sep 9 2010

Witch-hunting for fun and profit

Cinematical is linking Noomi Rapace (who played Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish film adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) to an upcoming American project called Hansel and Gretel: Witch ...

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Sep 7 2010

Now in glorious Technicolor

Cinematical informs me that Lionsgate Films is pondering three directors for their upcoming Hunger Games movie adaptation: Gary Ross (Pleasantville), David Slade (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), and...

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Sep 2 2010

Weirdness collides!

If you check out the website for Icelandic musician Bjork, you can see the video for her song "Moomins and the Comet Chase". It's part of the soundtrack for the movie based on Tove Jansson's chil...

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Sep 1 2010

Right there with you, NPH

Wow, this movie (based on the YA book Beastly by Alex Flinn, and inspired by the "Beauty and the Beast" fairytale) looks seriously terrible:I'm actually almost impressed by how bad this looks.

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Aug 30 2010

Edgar Allan Poe fights (or possibly commits) crime

John Cusack has apparently signed on to play Edgar Allan Poe in a (fictionalized) account of the poet's last few days of life. The description of the film on Cinematical mentions something about ...

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Aug 26 2010

Aisha finally hits the big screen

AustenBlog has posted a review of Aisha, the Bollywood update of Jane Austen's Emma. The critique is positive but far from gushing, and the author notes that the movie appears to be a close remak...

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Aug 17 2010

Middle Earth: the theme park?

According to Cinematical, there are rumors that Universal Studios is toying with the idea of making a Lord of the Rings theme park (presumably thanks to the success of its Wizarding World of Harry...

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Aug 17 2010

The end of the beginning of the final Harry Potter movie

MTV's Movies Blog is reporting that the first half of the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will end at roughly Chapter 24, for those of you who've been wondering. (Here's h...

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Aug 9 2010

Flipped: new and improved?

If you've never read Wendelin Van Draanen's adorable 2001 novel Flipped, Random House is releasing an "enhanced" e-book edition of the book featuring a bunch of tie-ins from the upcoming movie ada...

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Aug 5 2010

Low standards

Twelve—the recent film based on the 2003 Nick McDonell novel* of the same name—is not the kind of movie I usually see, nor is it the kind of book I usually read (unless I have to review it). Stil...

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Aug 2 2010

Watch me suspend the ol' disbelief

In a strikingly Hollywood-ish bit of casting, Daniel Craig—a.k.a. the current James Bond—has signed on to star in the upcoming American remake of Steig Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. ...

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