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Sep 12 2019

Dress for success


If you're a big Halloween fan (or just nostalgic for the diet horror of one's middle school years), there is a Goosebumps t-shirt on sale at Urban Outfitters for $34. Beware: it's cropped. (Also, Urban Outfitters...

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Nov 8 2017

Holiday Gift Pick #5


Gift Idea #5 Asgard Twill Ladies' Jacket ($59.99)

Okay, so we weren't big fans of the first two Thor movies (to say the least), but...

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Apr 25 2017

Cute but questionable


Heeeyyy... Out of Print clothing has added a new bunch of shirts based on Pelican Books' latest editions of Shakespeare, featuring gorgeous artwork by graphic designer Manuja Waldia. I still totally love these designs, although...

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May 12 2016

On the edge


I got an email this morning about Book Mail, an upcoming "mystery box" offer from Book Riot and Out of Print Clothing. According to the official description, the box is a one-time thing (not a subscription service), will cost $60, is guaranteed to be worth more than the purchase price, and will contain...

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Feb 9 2016

My favorite is his Richard III, but I don't want it on a t-shirt


Literature-inspired clothing line Out of Print has just released a pair of new designs featuring Milton Glaser's cover art for William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, and The Tempest...

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Dec 1 2015

Holiday Gift Guide Idea #2: "2 Spaces 4 America" Hoodie


Gift Idea #2: Any of the new Bloom County products, really, but particularly the "2 Spaces for America" hoodie ($49)...

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Nov 5 2015

Arm and a leg


I can't afford this stuff (note: I don't know what it costs... but I'm sure I can't afford it), but I am weirdly attracted to Marc Jacobs/Disney's Alice in Wonderland-inspired capsule collection...

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May 19 2015



I had actually assumed this was an April Fool's Day joke, but apparently it really happened: earlier this spring, Marvel teamed up with the subscription-clothing site Five Four Clothing to produce a line of goofy-looking clothing inspired by their Avengers comics...

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Nov 25 2014

I covet.


I'm not a big fan of H.G. Wells's 1895 novel The Time Machine, but I am totally in love with the many and varied cover images it has inspired. Seriously, the story has been graced with some...

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Jun 24 2014

Geek gear


Out of Print has introduced several new designs as part of their new Sci-Fi Collection, including The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Handmaid's Tale, Ender's Game, and Neil Gaiman's American Gods. Personally, I don't think that last one qualifies...

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May 8 2014

Like a Mr. Rogers sweater... but EVIL


If you're a big Stephen King fan, start saving your pennies now: Mondo Tees has announced a product line based on the iconic (and hideous) carpeting featured in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining...

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Dec 3 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Kate Beaton t-shirts


This year we're doing our Wordcandy-approved holiday gift list a little differently: we're going to put together a series of eight mini posts, each featuring a different gift idea. Like always, we're way late with these suggestions (our sincerest apologies to our Hanukkah-celebrating readers), but at least all of our suggestions are well under fifty bucks...

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Aug 29 2013

JAWS... for plankton


I love everything about this "Moby" t-shirt by artist Terry Fan. I like the Jaws shout-out, I like the idea of a rage-filled whale, and I even like the price ($22, which isn't bad for that level of awesome)...

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Aug 12 2013

More in my financial wheelhouse


If, like me, you were totally in love with the Kate Spade "Book of the Month" clutches, but neither willing nor able to spend $325 on an adorable but mostly useless accessory, today is your lucky day: Out of Print has released their own line of literary-themed canvas pouches...

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Aug 30 2012

Nothing says high fashion like zombies and aliens


Last summer, Threadless trotted out a reader-designed t-shirt based on The Day The Saucers Came, a story written by Neil Gaiman. Threadless is currently holding one of their frequent sales, so if you're in the market for this t-shirt it's available in a wide variety of guys' sizes for a mere $12.95...

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Mar 7 2012

New clothes inspired by old books


If you spend a lot of time in indie bookstores, you've probably already seen the line of t-shirts, hoodies, and bags created by Out of Print Clothing. Out of Print's products feature a variety of classic-book-cover-inspired images, and they're about to release several new designs taken from famous children's books...

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Nov 9 2011

Ridiculously adorable... but also just ridiculous

I spend a lot of time thinking about punctuation, so I covet these Kate Spade Air Quote Mittens with a fiery passion. Sadly, I would need these gloves to be at least 75% off before I would even c...

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Oct 5 2010

Kate Spade gets literary

If you're very, very wealthy and therefore don't mind dropping $325 on a novelty item, may I suggest these Kate Spade "Book of the Month" clutches? Sadly, they don't come with copies of the actua...

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Apr 13 2010

The Scarlet T-Shirt

The L.A. Times recently posted an article about literary-themed t-shirts. I particularly liked the style of and idea behind these baseball-style shirts... but I wish they'd chosen better characte...

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Oct 13 2009

A high-end store sinks to new lows

I cannot believe this: Nordstrom is producing a line of Twilight-inspired clothing. Sure, we'd all expect this from stores like Hot Topic, Wet Seal, and the more cost-conscious department stores (...

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Sep 24 2008

So much more entertaining than the books themselves...

I was thinking of doing a blog post on Twilight-inspired Halloween costumes (and trust me: there's plenty of material out there), but I found myself distracted by the impressive number of awesome ...

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Jan 23 2008

Austen Week, part III

Today we express our love for Jane through shopping!There are bags:There are extremely classy tank tops:And there's this, which I totally, totally want:All of these and much, much more are availab...

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