Never again, Marvel. I do not forget.

Marvel's 2011 Thor movie is, bar none, my least favorite superhero movie ever. To be fair, I liked Chris Helmsworth's enjoyably dim portrayal of the title character, Tom Hiddleston's campy take on Loki, and Kat Dennings's sunny performance as Natalie Portman's assistant. Unfortunately, literally every other character sucked, Kenneth Branagh's direction managed to be simultaneously pretentious and bone-deep lazy, and Portman turned in a rage-inducing performance as an accident-prone astrophysicist—who, because we wouldn't want a girl to seem too smart (how could teenage males around the globe fantasize about someone so totally unrelatable?), is also a nervous giggler periodically struck dumb by Thor's hotness and generally incapable of looking after herself.

Anyway, the trailer for the sequel, Thor: The Dark World, is out. Maybe it will be an improvement, but I don't care: you won't be getting my $9.50 this time, Marvel.
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