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Apr 23 2007

Oh, for the love of...

It has finally happened: Hollywood is going to make a film version of Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising. And you know who is going to direct it? David L. Cunningham, director of the infamous ABC...

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Apr 2 2007

That man is pure class.

On the most recent episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert posed for a series of bodice-ripper book covers. (He was trying to prove to Harlequin Books that he'd make a great cover model. An...

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Mar 29 2007

TV does Jane

I've spent the past two nights watching the new British television version of Austen's Northanger Abbey*, and I'm happy to report that it's not bad. It's well cast and nicely filmed, and while it...

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Mar 22 2007

Boys on bikes

AZN Television has started airing episodes of the Taiwanese drama Mars, based on Fuyumi Soryo's mega-soapy manga series. Here's the official plot description*:"Asia's most popular group F4's Vic...

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Feb 28 2007

HBO to mix Rogue, Charlaine Harris.

Apparently, HBO is producing a TV version of Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse novels, and it will star Anna Paquin, an actress I actually like! She's perfect for the role of a young, vulnerab...

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Jan 15 2007

Must-see PBS TV.

PBS's upcoming TV adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre is scheduled to air on January 21st and 28th. I have yet to enjoy a televised version of a Bronte novel, but this one looks pretty impr...

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Dec 7 2006

La Nora

The page for the Lifetime TV movie adaptations of four of Nora Roberts's novels is up. While it's encouraging that Ms. Roberts is excited about these productions, my hopes are not high, seeing as...

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Nov 29 2006

Austen news

Since we're talking about Austen on the main site anyway, we might as well unload all the news at once. Behold: pictures of the upcoming versions of Persuasion and Mansfield Park:Anne--->Fanny (lo...

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Nov 3 2006


Yes, my little manhwa-obsessed darlings, the English-language DVD version of the hugely popular Palace (a.ka. Goong, a.ka. Princess Hours) TV miniseries is coming out on November 21, and now you c...

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Aug 30 2006


We're back! Megan still has a boatload of stuff to unpack, her cat's mental health may be fragile for the foreseeable future, and I came home with a wicked case of laryngitis. Still, I arrived at ...

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Jun 24 2006

Seeing Ear Theatre

We here at Wordcandy were extremely stoked to discover the Sci-fi Channel's Seeing Ear Theatre, an online archive of radio-play versions of stories by authors like Neil Gaiman, Lewis Carroll, and ...

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Jun 16 2006

The world of books to be lovingly explored by CBS... their thoughtful new reality show, Tuesday Night Book Club. According to their website, this is a story about a group of "everyday, all-American women", who get together every week for some...

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Jun 9 2006

Painfully funny books... not always make for equally funny TV, but my hopes are high for the new Canadian television show Alice, I Think, based on the series of YA novels by Canadian Susan Juby. The fine people at C...

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May 19 2006

Frankly, I am appalled.

While idly strolling through the Target book section the other day, I ran across this:Can you believe it? It's a tie-in novel for the soap opera As the World Turns! It's like one of those crappy ...

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Feb 18 2006

Nora Roberts movies?

LOS ANGELES, February 1: Four bestselling novels from Nora Roberts will be adapted into original TV movies through a deal announced today between the author, Peter Guber's Mandalay Television and ...

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