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May 20 2014

Really, impressively dumb-looking


Well, apparently the Flowers in the Attic movie on Lifetime made enough money for them to fast-track a sequel, and lo and behold, the first trailer for Petals on the Wind has arrived...

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Mar 20 2014

So ridiculous


Publishers Weekly has posted an update on the decision by the South Carolina House of Representatives to cut the College of Charleston's funding by $52,000 and University of South Carolina-Upstate's funding by $17,142...

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Mar 13 2014

An impressively terrible decision


According to Variety, Warner Bros. is making a Peter Pan origin movie slated for summer 2015. They have already cast Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund as pirates, and just announced that Rooney Mara will play Tiger Lily. Clearly anticipating some controversy, the studio was careful to describe their film as a "multi-racial/international" production, and mentioned...

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Feb 27 2014

Way to be all about limited government, guys!


Good Lord: according to Publishers Weekly, the South Carolina House of Representatives voted to cut the College of Charleston's funding in response to the school's decision to include Alison Bechdel's critically acclaimed graphic memoir Fun Home on their summer reading list for incoming freshmen...

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