Way to be all about limited government, guys!

Good Lord: according to Publishers Weekly, the South Carolina House of Representatives voted to cut the College of Charleston's funding in response to the school's decision to include Alison Bechdel's critically acclaimed graphic memoir Fun Home on their summer reading list for incoming freshmen. (For those of you who aren't familiar with Bechdel's work, she's the creator of the comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For and the inspiration for the Bechdel Test.) I haven't read Fun Home, but here's the website Comic Book Resources's description:
'Fun Home' details Bechdel’s childhood with her closeted gay father, his apparent suicide and her own coming out as a lesbian.
Doesn't that sound like a super fun time? I bet LOADS of college freshmen are going to be so attracted to this story that they're going to become rampaging lesbians, just because! I know when I was assigned Maus in college, I totally dreamed of becoming a Nazi war victim who was also a rodent.
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