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Nov 16 2017

A rare bit of great news (in a week that could use it)


There was a lovely article on NPR recently about Books From Birth, a D.C. Public Library program that mails a book a month, every month, to enrolled children from birth to age 5...

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Jun 13 2012

Read early, often


According to the Guardian, nearly two-thirds of parents don't read to their babies, thereby missing out on a "crucial window" for the children's language development...

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Oct 27 2011

A step in the right direction

According to Scientific American, a Dutch researcher has developed a font designed to decrease the number of errors made by dyslexics while reading. The font emphasizes the differences between ce...

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Jul 25 2011


Five students recently set a world record after reading aloud from the complete works of historian and former Dominican President Juan Bosch for more than 300 straight hours. Their goal was to ra...

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Jun 29 2011

Sing-a-long with LeVar Burton

Um. I'm not sure I can sign off on the idea of a Reading Rainbow flash mob, where an unknown number of participants gather to sing the show's theme song. Reading Rainbow was a big part of my chi...

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Jun 13 2011

Here you go, Australia! You're welcome!

The London Evening Standard recently posted a depressing article about the fact that one in five London-area parents are either illiterate or only "functionally literate" (meaning they read at the...

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