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Mar 7 2018

Not the book I would have chosen to have a lot of merch tie-ins


The jewelry makers at Alex and Ani have released a collection inspired by Disney's upcoming A Wrinkle in Time film. I'm not sure how many people would recognize these pieces as being related to the story—they mostly feature generic-sounding inspirational quotes—but...

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Nov 9 2017

Holiday Gift Pick #7


Gift Idea #7: Asymmetrical Harry Potter earrings ($48)

We love these, particularly in sterling silver...

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Jan 19 2017

Not my style, but...


The Revelist recently featured an article about these sold-out Niffler necklaces, inspired by the jewelry-stealing fantastic beasts from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter 'verse...

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Dec 10 2013

A good cause


J.K. Rowling recently wrote a lovely article about charm bracelets for Harper's Bazaar. She was promoting the sale of a charm bracelet she designed, the proceeds from which are going to benefit Lumos, the charity she co-founded in 2005 that wants to "[transform] how governments and communities think about looking after vulnerable children"...

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Dec 4 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Harry Potter necklace


Gift Idea #3 Harry Potter necklace

Etsy is overflowing with Harry Potter-themed jewelry and clothing, but I fell in love with this delicate sterling silver "Glasses" necklace ($34). It manages to be both pretty...

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Dec 6 2012

"Experience the saga"... for upwards of three grand


I'm not sure whether to snicker at this news or roll my eyes like a slot machine, so I'll probably settle for doing both. If you're looking for a replica of the staggeringly tacky Twilight engagement ring: today's your lucky day. Bed Bath & Beyond is now selling a line of fine jewelry "honoring the Twilight love story"...

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