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Apr 23 2019

An icon


The Daily Beast recently posted an article about Edward Gorey's jewelry collection. I'm always interested in what is deemed newsworthy—I mean, I'm invested in his assortment of skull rings...

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Apr 18 2019

There's a hair/heir pun here somewhere...


Man, I gotta start watching Antiques Roadshow. It sounds exciting: according to Jezebel, a recent episode featured a woman who found a ring in her recently-deceased father-in-law’s attic, locked inside a "mysterious-looking" box. The ring was inscribed with Charlotte Bronte's name...

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Mar 7 2018

Not the book I would have chosen to have a lot of merch tie-ins


The jewelry makers at Alex and Ani have released a collection inspired by Disney's upcoming A Wrinkle in Time film. I'm not sure how many people would recognize these pieces as being related to the story—they mostly feature generic-sounding inspirational quotes—but...

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Nov 9 2017

Holiday Gift Pick #7


Gift Idea #7: Asymmetrical Harry Potter earrings ($48)

We love these, particularly in sterling silver...

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Jan 19 2017

Not my style, but...


The Revelist recently featured an article about these sold-out Niffler necklaces, inspired by the jewelry-stealing fantastic beasts from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter 'verse...

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Dec 10 2013

A good cause


J.K. Rowling recently wrote a lovely article about charm bracelets for Harper's Bazaar. She was promoting the sale of a charm bracelet she designed, the proceeds from which are going to benefit Lumos, the charity she co-founded in 2005 that wants to "[transform] how governments and communities think about looking after vulnerable children"...

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Dec 4 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Harry Potter necklace


Gift Idea #3 Harry Potter necklace

Etsy is overflowing with Harry Potter-themed jewelry and clothing, but I fell in love with this delicate sterling silver "Glasses" necklace ($34). It manages to be both pretty...

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Dec 6 2012

"Experience the saga"... for upwards of three grand


I'm not sure whether to snicker at this news or roll my eyes like a slot machine, so I'll probably settle for doing both. If you're looking for a replica of the staggeringly tacky Twilight engagement ring: today's your lucky day. Bed Bath & Beyond is now selling a line of fine jewelry "honoring the Twilight love story"...

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