"Experience the saga"... for upwards of three grand

I'm not sure whether to snicker at this news or roll my eyes like a slot machine, so I'll probably settle for doing both. If you're looking for a replica of the staggeringly tacky Twilight engagement ring: today's your lucky day. Bed Bath & Beyond is now selling a line of fine jewelry "honoring the Twilight love story". (Yes, seriously.) Said line includes both a white topaz and sterling silver version of the ring for $149.99, and a diamond and white gold version for $3,299.99. (!!!)

Note: If you're not into rings the size of dessert plates, never fear. There are earrings, too! You can remain Team Edward with these $2,114.99 "Cullen Crest" earrings, or vote for Team Jacob with the (comparatively budget-friendly) $534.99 "Wolf Pack" option. I think they're both hideous, but what do I know?
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