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Jul 27 2023

Just what every household needs


It's not even August yet, but stores are already beginning to drop their 2023 Halloween merchandise, and this somewhat startled-looking container in the shape of Edgar Allan Poe's head is very, uh, eye-catching...

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Jan 3 2023

Buy it for YOURSELF


If you received some gift cards over the holidays that are burning a hole in your pocket, allow me to recommend this extremely cute Bibliophile Vase from Chronicle Books. It's $29.95 and...

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Nov 20 2019

Holiday Gift Pick #5


Gift Idea #5: Literary candles

We promised you some consumable goods too, right? How about these $16 literature-themed soy candles from Uncommon Goods? (Sherlock Holmes's 221B Baker Street apparently smells like black currant tea and leather books...

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Jun 5 2019



I'm not sure how I feel about these angled bookshelves, which were recently featured in a home decor article on The Cut. They give off a vibe of fanciness for fanciness's sake, which I usually dislike, but...

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Mar 14 2019

A stand-in wouldn't cut it


A decade ago, we reviewed Simon Mawer's The Glass Room. It was the kind of book that sticks with you, so I was excited to learn that the upcoming Czech movie adaptation was filmed in the actual house that...

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Oct 10 2018

If money were no object


If you're a rich book nerd (or you have loving and indulgent relatives), check out the latest Harry Potter-themed items at Pottery Barn. They range from kitschy-yet-expensive items like a Golden Snitch-inspired beanbag chair to...

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Jul 3 2018

Decor goals


I'm not sure how I feel about Mandi Johnson's horse painting (I like charming kitsch, but I feel like that horse, uh, only half qualifies), but her IKEA bookcase hack featured on the blog...

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Dec 26 2017



I recently ran across another "old book" scented candle. Like most of them, this one sounds like it smells nice (like vanilla, according to the description), but just once I'd like to see a candle...

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Sep 14 2017



Normally I find most of the items from Pottery Barn's kid and teen lines mega-boring, like the kind of stuff you could buy at an extra-expensive, extra-WASP-y Costco. But once in a while they surprise me, and I am totally down with their "Harry Potter Collection", which...

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Dec 7 2016

Holiday Gift Pick #3


Gift Idea #3: Mini Lumio Book Lamp

At $125, this is the most expensive item on this year's list, but it's just so cool. Here's the item description...

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May 13 2014

Literary domiciles


The fine people at Flavorwire recently compiled a list of the 25 Greatest Houses in Literature. While their choices are solid, I'm afraid they left some critical picks out:

1. The boxcar in The Boxcar Children. Please note they don't say "nicest" structures; they said "most memorable". And God knows people remember the boxcar...

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May 12 2014

Book decor


Despite my well-documented aversion to fake books, I quite like this book-shaped "Hanabunko" vase from Spoon & Tamago. It's $37, and currently on back-order until July, but...

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May 8 2014

Like a Mr. Rogers sweater... but EVIL


If you're a big Stephen King fan, start saving your pennies now: Mondo Tees has announced a product line based on the iconic (and hideous) carpeting featured in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining...

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Feb 25 2014

Simple but awesome


I'm really liking these vertical book display shelves from Viktor Jondal/Miron Lior. They're only $15, and I'm pretty sure I see a little lip that supports the front cover as well as the bulk of the pages, so you wouldn't damage your books. (This is not true of many similar "artistic" shelving options.) Imagine one of...

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Dec 19 2013

Ridiculously cool


Clearly, nothing says "holiday spirit" like the sex-and-death world of Game of Thrones, so we all have to be grateful to interaction designer* and storyteller Krystal Higgins for providing us with ten incredible (and free) GoT-inspired snowflake patterns...

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Oct 17 2013

Discounted home decor for your inner goth


If you're a member of the discount-furnishings site Joss & Main, they're currently running a sale on Edgar Allan Poe-inspired furniture. (People frequently get confused on how to spell Poe's middle name—“Allan” or “Allen”. I'm pretty sure the former is correct, but J&M hedges their bets by spelling it both ways; “Allan” in the header and “Allen” in the text.) I've never thought of Poe as a "design icon", but whatever...

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Sep 19 2013



I don't have a toddler, and I certainly don't have $300 to blow on a novelty lamp, but I'm still coveting this Miffy Lamp XL, inspired by the Miffy series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. I've never read the Miffy books, which were introduced in the 1950s, but they're apparently famous enough to...

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Aug 1 2013

Literary decor on a budget


I was stoked to see that H&M is now offering online shopping for American customers, as it finally allows me to investigate the one H&M department I haven't been able to visit in person: their home line. (Plus, my European cousins can now stop lording their online shopping access over my head.) Most of the stuff looks pretty uninspired, but they do offer a few book-inspired products...

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May 16 2013

Is it three-dimensional, though?


I have no use for this utterly awesome mobile based on the art work of Belgian children's author and illustrator Tom Schamp, but I want one. (Maybe hanging mobiles above adults' beds will become a hot design trend...?) I also want more of Schamp's books to be translated into English...

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Sep 28 2012

I love every square, ridiculously overpriced inch of it.


Okay, this "Stacked Paperback" wallpaper costs a zillion dollars and it only covers 18 square feet and the description features the ominous phrase "Adhesive required" (which I suspect means "This is not idiot-proof, which means your life together can never be."), but I still covet it with all my heart and soul...

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Jun 28 2012



CasaSugar recently put together a slide show of home decor looks inspired by the hero of Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm a little taken aback by how much detail the author of that series seems to have provided (and I'm choosing to believe, for the love of all that is good and just in this world, that leather sheets aren't a real thing).

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Jun 7 2012

The perfect spot to watch TV


If you're looking for the ideal finishing touch for your living room, may I suggest this $30,000 Game of Thrones "Iron Throne" replica? I'm pretty sure it's exactly what your home decor needs to feel complete...

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Apr 23 2012

I'm envious


Wow: Buzzfeed got to take a bunch of photographs of DC Comics' New York headquarters, and it's like a nerd Utopia. (Nerdtopia?) And I totally want one of those word balloon signs with my name on it.

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Jan 13 2012

Out with the old

The Barnes and Noble store in Seattle's University Village recently closed, and the Seattle Times is reporting that the furniture chain Room & Board is going to fill at least part of the (enormous...

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Mar 10 2011

No way, no how

It will be a sub-zero day in hell before I spend $45 on a candle, but these little gems from Assouline Publishing promise to evoke the "atmosphere of your fantasy library, and the pleasure of read...

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Nov 10 2010

Smelling like Charles Dickens

Artisan candlemaker Paddywax has released a line of author-inspired candles. At $25 per 9oz. glass container, you can now scent your home with candles named after Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, He...

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