Literary domiciles

The fine people at Flavorwire recently compiled a list of the 25 Greatest Houses in Literature. While their choices are solid, I'm afraid they left some critical picks out:

1. The boxcar in The Boxcar Children. Please note they don't say "nicest" structures; they said "most memorable". And God knows people remember the boxcar.

2. Mr. Tumnus's cave... den... thing in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, possibly the only place description on Earth that could make me think sardines on toast could be a good idea.

3. The house in Goodnight Moon. Um, I bet people can actually list some of the stuff in that room.

4. Pretty much any of the houses on Harriet's route in Harriet the Spy. My favorite is the couple with the giant baby statue, but they're all good.

5. Cold Comfort Farm. Seriously, were they even trying?
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