Long weekend = lots of reading time!

Whether you are heading off on vacation or just hanging by the pool this four-day weekend, here are a few new book suggestions to check out.

Jennifer Colt - The Mangler of Malibu Canyon
If you haven't gotten a chance to check out Jennifer Colt's books yet, then this is a perfect weekend to grab The Butcher of Beverly Hills and The Mangler of Malibu Canyon and settle down for a great time. I haven't had a chance to read the second book (since someone--JULIA--is hoarding the ARC copy), but I plan to pick it up when I get paid Friday. I'm excited to see what the twins get themselves into this time!

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Janet Evanovich - Twelve Sharp
It's always a good month when we get a new Stephanie Plum novel, and Twelve Sharp is completely worth the price of the hardback edition. It is full of crazy skips, insane outfits, Grandma Mazur in rare form, Lula, and lots and lots of Ranger-y goodness. (Mmm, Ranger....)

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Carrie Vaughn - Kitty Goes to Washington
The next installment of Kitty's adventures is coming out just in time for the holiday weekend. After barely escaping Denver skin-intact, Kitty Norville takes her radio show on the road, and ends up in our nation's capital. This promises to be a fun read. In related news, Ms. Vaughn will be producing at least two more books about Kitty: she's finished Kitty takes a Holiday, and is starting on Kitty and the Silver Bullet. They'll be available in early and late 2007, if all goes according to plan.

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Laurell K. Hamilton - Danse Macabre
And for those of you who are not faint of heart, there is also the the new Anita Blake novel. Since the pain from her last book Micah hasn't really healed (Julia is still really bitter--you should hear her bitch), no one here at Wordcandy bothered to request an ARC (and none of us are remotely willing to pay for it in hardcover). Maybe when it comes out in paperback we'll pick it up, but until then we would love to hear what you guys think of it!

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