Crusie on the move

I recently happened upon the website for Jennifer Crusie's upcoming collaboration with Anne Stuart and Eileen Dreyer*, The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes. The website isn't much to look at**, but it does offer a snippet from each of the three primary storylines and the background story (which also seems to have been written by Crusie).

And part-time Crusie fans (as opposed to the hardcore fanatics, who obviously already own it) should take note: the paperback edition of Don't Look Down, her collaboration with Bob Mayer, is now out in stores. This book doesn't hold a candle to Crusie's solo efforts (when's another one of those gonna come out?), but it's cute enough.

*Much, much better choices than the authors she was paired up with for Santa, Baby.

**Although it does feature different--and prettier--cover art than the above image, if you need another reason to visit.
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