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Oct 29 2019

Romance recs


In a recent "Entertainment Self-Care" post, one of the writers at Lainey Gossip rounded up some solid romance novel picks, including my beloved Georgette Heyer. I'm not as enthused about some of the author's other choices...

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Dec 6 2018

So many choices!


I've never heard of the gossip website Oh No They Didn't!'s monthly reading challenge before, but I really like this idea: in December, they're challenging their followers to read a book that won an award (any award) in 2018...

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Aug 7 2018

Other people's books


Earlier today, the website Cup of Jo posted an article titled "15 Great Reader Comments on Books". The readers on Cup of Jo are a great resource for book recommendations, and I highly recommend skimming the entire comments...

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May 8 2018



Entertainment Weekly just rounded up 14 recent or currently-airing TV series based on books, in case you're looking for something cinematic to read. I'm mildly interested in Luke Jennings’s Codename Villanelle...

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Oct 4 2017



I rarely use the website Thread Reader, but occasionally it's super useful. I was fascinated by this thread (by nonfiction author Jason Fagone) about Elizebeth Smith Friedman, a Shakespearean scholar-turned-codebreaker who spent decades working on some of the most complicated codes of the 20th century...

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Aug 10 2017

I like it, though!


I was delighted to see a review of Jean Webster's 1912 novel Daddy-Long-Legs on the website Dear Author, and even more pleased by what a great job the author did of summarizing the book's strengths and weaknesses...

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Oct 6 2016



I'm fascinated by this Instagram account: Folded Pages Distillery makes... vignettes? Visual tributes? to various books. I don't really understand the point of these images, but they appeal to the same part of me that sincerely enjoys looking at competitive table-decorating displays...

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Aug 5 2015

London omake


According to the design blog Creative Review, London's Tube passengers can currently take advantage of a limited-time offer from Penguin UK: from August 3 - 28, commuters with wi-fi can read "exclusive excerpts from novels, as well as author interviews and audio content" via the website...

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Jul 28 2015



There's a long and loving tribute to Wordcandy favorite Mary Stewart over on Jezebel. I don't agree with the author's suggestion that the 60s-era paperback covers always did a Grade-A job of conveying the charms of Ms. Stewart's mid-century Gothics...

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Jul 21 2015

Spot on


Mallory Ortberg's literary tributes over at The Toast are always a pleasure to read, but I was particularly excited about her latest effort, "The Sequel To Rebecca The Second Mrs. de Winter Deserves"...

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Nov 6 2014

Maybe a B+?


Word and Film recently posted a generally positive review of BBC One's adaptation of P. D. James's Death Comes to Pemberley. I wasn't impressed by the reviewer's argument that Pride and Prejudice is constructed around the "central question" of Darcy's feelings...

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Sep 24 2013

Cooking with Roald Dahl


The blog Paper and Salt (which attempts to "recreate and reinterpret the dishes that iconic authors discuss in their letters, diaries, essays, and fiction") doesn't update often, and even more rarely does it feature authors that I like, but the author recently came up with a recipe inspired by Roald Dahl's "Frozen Homemade Kit-Kat Cake"...

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Apr 26 2013

Everyone I know is getting this for Christmas


Earlier this month news came out that—at long, long last—Allie Brosch's Hyperbole and a Half book is finally on the way! I am ridiculously excited. Hyperbole and a Half is an Internet treasure, and I was genuinely sorry to hear about Brosch's struggles with depression...

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Jul 16 2012

Texting Jane


Following up their Texts from Scarlett O'Hara and Texts from Sweet Valley High posts, The Hairpin has produced a series called Texts from Jane Eyre. They're very Hark! A Vagrant in style...

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Apr 23 2012

I'm envious


Wow: Buzzfeed got to take a bunch of photographs of DC Comics' New York headquarters, and it's like a nerd Utopia. (Nerdtopia?) And I totally want one of those word balloon signs with my name on it.

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Mar 6 2012

Brace yourself


WHOA. Lisa Kleypas changed her website again! This time her web designer seems to be going for a magazine-inspired layout, which I think is... well, a mistake.

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Jun 6 2011

A word of advice

Lifehacker has put together a helpful guide for How to Create an Awesome Summer Reading List. They offer everything from basic tips ("First, tackle your reading backlog") to DIY-instructions for ...

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May 16 2011

And who doesn't love free nail polish?

If you're going to be in Southern California in early June, you might want to add the various promotional events for the Go Fug Yourself ladies' upcoming YA book Spoiled to your day planner. In a...

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Mar 7 2011

Anne with an E

Thank you, Forever Young Adult. An Anne of Green Gables movie drinking game is exactly what this world needs.

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Feb 23 2011

Everybody's doing it

Huh. The Go Fug Yourself ladies have apparently written a young-adult book.

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Jan 31 2011

Encyclopedias for the people

In the ten years of its existence, Wikipedia has posted more than 3.5 million articles in English, but a recent New York Times article pointed out that barely 13 percent of its hundreds of thousan...

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Dec 28 2010

Setting yourself up for disappointment

The BuzzSugar staff has helpfully compiled a list of 15 books to read before their film adaptations are released. Considerate of them, although why'd they leave out The Invention of Hugo Cabret?

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Nov 16 2010

Save the words!

The fine people at Oxford English Dictionaries have started, a website devoted to reviving thousands of gloriously obscure English words that have fallen out of daily use. Visito...

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Nov 5 2010

One-stop shopping

If you're interested in checking out any of this year's finalists for the National Book Award for Young People's Literature, the Horn Book people and the School Library Journal folks have both put...

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Oct 1 2010

I'm pretty sure this is contradicted by Hogwarts: A History, but...

The students of Hogwarts are embracing modern technology.

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Aug 2 2010

Seriously, dude? Thucydides?

While checking out the Horn Book Blog, I followed a link to this Harvard Magazine profile of literary agent Andrew Wylie. I was mostly impressed by Mr. Wylie's seemingly colossal ego*, but I thin...

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Jul 12 2010

Build your own book review

I had never heard of Common Sense Media before yesterday, but their purpose statement sounded innocuous enough: they're a nonprofit organization dedicated to "improving the lives of kids and famil...

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Jun 1 2010


I didn't hear much about DC Comics' CMX manga line while it was up and running, but now that DC has decided to shut it down it's all over the place. The Beat posted a helpful summary of the many,...

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May 21 2010

Not the cake I would have chosen, but...

Huh. Apparently, May 10th through the 16th was Children's Book Week, and the always-entertaining site Cake Wrecks decided to celebrate with a selection of literature-inspired cakes. I don't know...

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Apr 19 2010

For serious?

Whoa: the Royal Shakespeare Company has arranged something called Such Tweet Sorrow, a five-week-long event that allows six actors (playing Romeo, Juliet, and four additional characters) to tweet ...

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