Excuse me...

...while I laugh my ass off. Behold! The Anita Blake comic book, coming soon:

Apparently Laurell K. Hamilton really likes this artwork. Not that that's much of a shocker- Anita, as anyone who's seen a publicity photo of Hamilton knows, is Hamilton's alter-ego. And it does not comes as a surprise that Laurell K. Hamilton's vision of herself- as a fiery, dark-haired, ass-kicking and name-taking hellcat, tinged with just a wee hint of wistful femininity- is exactly the kind of thing that translates beautifully into cheeseball comic book artwork.
Posted by: Julianka


04 Apr, 2006 02:23 AM @ version 0

Aww, crap. Some of the original art I saw for the comic looked promising. Now it just looks tacky (like the current books)

04 Apr, 2006 04:37 AM @ version 0

"Tacky" does not even begin to cover it, my friend. The Anita Blake books are like an X-rated video game. Y'know- instead of fighting her way through the level, she sexes her way through it. Then there's the magical mumbo-jumbo bit at the end, and she powers up a level, full of health points and ready to sex her way forward!

...just had to get that off my chest. END THIS SERIES NOW!

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