A Public Service Announcement

Do not buy this book, because it SUCKS:

Even though my hopes weren't high (thanks to how craptastic Ms. Hamilton's last few novels have been), I was shocked by how bad this book was. It's essentially one long sex-and-whining scene, capped off by a particularly stupid "Anita Does Something Mystical That Even She Does Not Understand" final chapter. Doesn't Hamilton ever get bored with writing this crap? Remember how cool the first few Anita Blake books were? Remember how much fun it was to read Hamilton's blend of erotica and wry comments on the insurance practices of the undead? (Or, in the case of the Merry Gentry books, her blend of erotica and all of that awesome stuff about Unseelie court machinations.) Apparently Hamilton has completely given up that kind of thing in favor of blow-by-blow (sorry) descriptions of her kinkiest sex fantasies. Sure, Micah is the kind of book that might qualify as pure erotica... if it wasn't so excruciatingly boring.

Note: If you, too, are depressed by Laurell K. Hamilton's ever-lowering standards, go check out LKH_lashouts, a livejournal community devoted to Hamilton-related venting.
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