Holiday Gift Pick #2

Gift Idea #2: The out-of-print book you loved as a kid

Rather than buying some of the kids in your life another toy, share one of the harder-to-find books that you enjoyed as a child. (If it's out of print, chances are better that they won't already own it!) Here are some suggestions for books I've given over the years:

For little kids: A Teeny Tiny Baby, by Amy Schwartz. (Every time we see a yellow flower, someone in my family will intone the line: "Ah, and already he's seen the forsythia.")

For middle-graders: My once and forever love, Jill Pinkwater's Buffalo Brenda

For high schoolers: the individual volumes of Kiyohiko Azuma's Azumanga Daioh (The Yen Press omnibus will do in a pinch, but the ADV versions were way more fun.)
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