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Nov 18 2019

Holiday Gift Pick #2


Gift Idea #2: The out-of-print book you loved as a kid

Rather than buying some of the kids in your life yet another toy, share one of the harder-to-find books that you loved as a kid. (If it's out of print, chances are better that they won't already own it!) Here are some suggestions for books...

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May 2 2011

Become Someone Else

Check out one of the posters from the "Become Someone Else" ad campaign for Mint Vinetu (a used book store in Lithuania), and admire the complete line of posters over at Buzzfeed. Pretty great, huh?

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Jul 9 2010

Used books on the cheap

Dude, this sounds so cool: the online used-book retailer Once Sold Tales has opened a brick-and-mortar store (well, less bricks and mortar and more a corner of one of their warehouses, but whatev...

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