Holiday Gift Pick #8

And last but not least, Gift Idea #8, chosen because I'm hungry: my favorite cookbooks of 2018! (prices vary, but they're all in the $25 range)

I'm trying to resist buying too many more cookbooks, because I'm running out of room to actually, y'know, cook, but sometimes a cookbook is just too alluring to resist. This year's evil tempters include Chrissy Teigen's Cravings: Hungry for More (which I've already managed to encrust with tiny bits of dried-on cilantro), Julia Turshen's Now & Again (consistently excellent in a quiet, unshow-y way), and Magnus Nilsson's The Nordic Baking Book (which is so elegant and restrained-looking that I will feel bad when I inevitably drip grease on it... which is obviously a cookbook minus, but not enough of a minus to talk me out of buying it).
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