Dude. No.

We've complained about James Bennet, the editorial-page editor of The New York Times, several times on Twitter, and we're far from the only ones. Vanity Fair recently published an in-depth look at Bennet's choices for the op-ed page, and it sums up the problem with his "all-voices-matter" approach beautifully:
"For many Times readers—and many scientists, for that matter—questioning the science of global warming is not different in kind than, say, not ruling out the possibility that the world may be flat. And many Times readers believe, with some justification, that only one of the political parties is truly a full citizen of the reality-based community. What is the responsibility to provide equal time in such circumstances?"
I would 100% count myself as one of the Times readers described in the above quote, so I'm not particularly sympathetic to Bennet's efforts. Hiring a bunch of mildly trollish writers (like people politely described as "climate change skeptics", rather than full-blown Alex Jones types) doesn't make their statements any less untrue.
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