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Sep 23 2019

Treasury of the Lost Litter Box, by Darby Conley


I really enjoyed Darby Conley's comic strip Get Fuzzy, which ran in my local paper for more than a decade, and my family still routinely refers back to his joke about how you can “verb anything”. Conley and his strip disappeared about five years ago, much to my chagrin, but when I recently ran across a copy of his Treasury of the Lost Litter Box collection...

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Aug 8 2019

Does not compute


Gizmodo informs me that Nickelodeon has acquired the rights to make an animated TV series adaptation of Jim Davis's inexplicably popular Garfield comic strip. I mean... why? Why is there a demand for this? I've spent years reading about the death of newspapers...

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Mar 1 2018

Dude. No.


We've complained about James Bennet, the editorial-page editor of The New York Times, several times on Twitter, and we're far from the only ones. Vanity Fair recently published an in-depth look at Bennet's choices for the op-ed page, and it sums up the problem with his "all-voices-matter" approach beautifully...

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Sep 26 2017

That doesn't sound promising.


According to NPR, Indian Country Today—a 30-year-old-weekly newspaper that focused on the work of indigenous journalists—is "on hiatus". Over the last six years, the paper has been transformed into a multi-platform digital media network, which Oneida Nation Enterprises CEO Ray Halbritter says reached more than a million readers each month...

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Jul 27 2017

New heights


There is a fascinating article in the current issue of Vanity Fair about the ongoing battle between The New York Times and the Washington Post. The venerable papers have taken the election of President Trump as a opportunity to continuously out-scoop one another, producing a steady stream of stories...

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Mar 8 2017

Yeah, right


Publishers Weekly recently posted an explanation of the upcoming changes to the New York Times Book Review's approach to book reviews. According to editor Pamela Paul, the New York Times Book Review isn't "cutting back", they're just being "strategic", but...

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Jan 31 2013

Unexpected consequences


Well, this is a problem: according to CBS News, the decline in printed newspapers has created difficulties for San Francisco's Animal Care & Control (and elsewhere, presumably). The shelter system has long relied on used newspapers to line its puppy cages, but...

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