Mystery cake

I have an ongoing fascination with heritage recipes, despite being A) deeply lazy, and B) vegetarian, which severely limits the stuff I'm ever going to actually make. (Sorry, 1901 edition of The White House Cookbook; I'm never going to try that recipe for roasted squirrel.) So I was pretty stoked to pick up a copy of America's Best Lost Recipes, written by the editors of Cook's Country magazine, and read with purely academic interest about the legendary Ebinger's Blackout Cake, a Brooklyn favorite that disappeared when the Ebinger's chain of bakeries shut down in 1972. The actual recipe was lost, but the Cook's Country people set out to recreate it, with what they described as "decidedly decadent" results. Today, NPR featured an article about blogger Katie Workman's more recent attempt to recreate the cake, inspired by a recipe from Molly O’Neill's The New York Cookbook. I have no idea which version is more accurate, but they both look insane: chocolate cake, filled with chocolate pudding, topped with chocolate frosting, and then covered with MORE CAKE. Someone (not me, obviously) needs to make me one immediately.
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