Non-shocking confessions

I can't stop myself from hate-reading NPR's My Guilty Pleasure posts, in which authors recommend their favorite "embarrassing, but addictive reads". As longtime readers of the site know, I feel strongly that you should never be ashamed of the things you like (as long as they're not, y'know, illegal or immoral), and describing intelligent, witty genre authors like Georgette Heyer as a "guilty pleasure" fills me with rage. (Uh, as I made clear here.) But I was pleased to see that the latest Guilty Pleasure entry was inspired by a more thoughtful concern: Indian-born author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni recommended Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone, but worried that "...[as a student of post-colonialism, I knew Wilkie Collins' portrayal of an exotic India (temples, turbaned priests, curses, magical jewels) was suspect." She eventually decides her concern was unfounded (making the whole guilty pleasure thing moot, but whatever), but I was still really stoked to read something other than a blushing confession of the fact that people occasionally like to read fun books.
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