Pride and Prejudice reworked (some more)

There was some good news on the Jane Austen continuation/retelling front this week: AustenBlog posted a very positive review of Nancy Kelley's His Good Opinion, and I was pleased to see that Lara S. Ormiston's upcoming Pride and Prejudice retelling Unequal Affection has been blessed with lovely cover art. (I'm less impressed by the "Foreword by Devleena Ghosh, PhD" thing, though. It's a former fanfic—a beautifully written one, to be sure, and one that hinges on a hugely fun idea*, but a scholarly intro seems like overkill.) And I haven't heard anything about the quality of Jo Baker's Longbourn (NPR is featuring an excerpt here) but it has an absolutely gorgeous cover, too.

*The story, which was originally published on the Derbyshire Writers' Guild, explores what might have happened if Elizabeth had accepted Darcy's first proposal, but made it clear that she was doing so for practical reasons. How would Darcy's pride react to the necessity of courting a woman that he had assumed would receive his offer of marriage with wild gratitude?
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