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Apr 19 2017

Good for the soul


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the "Midnight Confessions" segment from CBS' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is going to be made into a book, coming this fall from Simon & Schuster...

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Apr 7 2017

That's a dizzying image


There's an article on Flavorwire about a possible sequel to Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. This is by no means confirmed, but people are basing their hopes on a recent audiobook edition of the novel...

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Mar 9 2017

Good deal


According to Entertainment Weekly, Barack and Michelle Obama have both signed deals to publish books with Crown Publishing Group. Crown has already published books by both Obamas: the former President’s 1995 memoir...

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Feb 23 2017

Unexpectedly stoked about this


According to the Guardian, Neil Gaiman recently announced a sequel to his 1996 book Neverwhere. (Technically, Neverwhere is a novelization, rather than an independent story, but the BBC TV miniseries it was based on didn't quite work out, so Gaiman reworked it very successfully into a novel.) Gaiman...

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Jan 24 2017

A hundred and thirty-odd years later...


I got an e-mail last week about The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine, a "never-before-published, unfinished children’s story by Mark Twain, completed and brought to life by Caldecott Medal winners Philip and Erin Stead", which will be released next September from Random House. The cover art...

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Sep 21 2016

Choice vacation reading


Ooh, I see there's a new book coming out next week in Elle Kennedy's Off-Campus series (we reviewed the first three books in the series earlier this year). I still feel like the musclebound cover art fails...

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Sep 8 2016



Next week will feature the release of Berkeley Breathed's The Bill the Cat Story: A Bloom County Epic (a picture book), and September 27th will see the release of Bloom County Episode XI: A New Hope (the first collection of the strips Breathed has been releasing on his Facebook page since 2015). As lifelong Bloom County fan, I...

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Aug 18 2016

No theme parks, though


Publishers Weekly informs me that we can look forward to a new dinosaur-themed book by the late Michael Crichton. HarperCollins is planning to publish Dragon Teeth in May of 2017...

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Jul 20 2016

E.L. James, take note.


Stephenie Meyer has a new book coming out: The Chemist, to be released on November 15, 2016. I notice there's no mention of Twilight on the cover, although the artwork is thematically similar. Is this because Twilight is officially passé, or is...*

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Jun 21 2016

When in doubt...


In light of their current struggles, Vertigo is going back previously fertile ground: they're reviving the Fables 'verse, which ended about a year ago. The new spin-off series will be called Everafter: From the Pages of Fables. Here's the...

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Jun 2 2016

Jumping the gun


According to Coming Soon, Awesomeness Films is planning a film adaptation of Aaron Starmer's young adult novel Spontaneous. Here's hoping they didn't pay a ton for the rights; the book doesn't come out for another couple of months, and the idea of a story...

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May 19 2016

Who knows?


I got an email this morning informing me that Random House/Penguin is planning to publish a young adult "adaptation" of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code this fall. The book will be available on September 8th in the UK and September 13th here in the States. Frankly, I found The Da Vinci Code damn near unreadable—it felt like a boring version of Katherine Neville's The Eight—but Brown's novel has sold approximately one zillion copies, so...

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Jan 7 2016

Maybe by 2020?


I don't actually care about this (not a Game of Thrones fan), but George R.R. Martin nerds everywhere were chagrined to learn that he has zero chance of finishing the next installment of his best-selling series on schedule...

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Jun 17 2015

She causes me second-hand anxiety


So, Jennifer Crusie continues to be frustratingly non-productive on the new-book front, but she is apparently working on a re-write/expansion of her holiday-themed novella Hot Toy...

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Jun 10 2015

No, thanks.


In a leave-no-stone-unturned effort to extract every possible penny from the George R. R. Martin media empire, Bantam Books recently announced that they're planning a Game of Thrones-themed coloring book. While I've written before about my love for coloring books for adults, I'll be skipping this sucker...

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Apr 14 2015

I'm already sharpening my crayons.


Last week I wrote a brief piece about the charm of Johanna Basford's coloring books for adults, and now the Internet has introduced me to her books' cooler, more urban cousin: artist Steve McDonald's upcoming book Fantastic Cities, which features...

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Mar 31 2015

The new V.C. Andrews?


Huh. Apparently, Stieg Larsson’s death was not enough to stop the creation of his Lisbeth Salander books. According to the Guardian, the next installment in the series will be written by David Lagercrantz, published in 38 different languages this August, and titled The Girl in the Spider’s Web...

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Jan 29 2015

Christmas and my birthday, rolled into one


OH MY GOD: We asked for this in 2012, and Nancy Pearl, like a book-nerd fairy godmother, has totally delivered! Yes, dear readers: for the first time in my lifetime, my beloved Greensleeves will actually be available in print.

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Jan 13 2015



Hark! A Vagrant author Kate Beaton recently announced that she has written her first book for children, and clearly she knows her audience: the book will be called The Princess and the Pony. I have no idea if said pony is THIS pony, but...

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Oct 7 2014

More Mediator


Awesome news—Meg Cabot is planning a seventh book in her Mediator series! Unlike the earlier installments, Remembrance will be aimed at adult readers (which I'm assuming = sex), it will be released in 2016, and the plot synopsis is vague...

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Aug 21 2014

A little look-see


NPR is offering readers a sneak peek at Jules Feiffer's upcoming graphic novel Kill My Mother, due out next Tuesday. The story appears to be a play on classic Hollywood film noir, re-imagined via Feiffer's inimitable art style...

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Jul 17 2014

Scholastic strikes again


Scholastic is working on another "multi-platform action adventure property", according to Publishers Weekly. Like The 39 Clues, Spirit Animals and...

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Jun 17 2014

Long overdue


Super pleased to hear this (even if I object to spelling "Yay!" as "Yea!", unless you're actually at a Ren Faire): Wordcandy favorite Lisa Kleypas has agreed to write a historical romance series, and then some contemporary novels, for Avon Books...

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May 6 2014

Yet more Princess Diaries


According to the Wall Street Journal, Meg Cabot is returning to the world of her Princess Diaries books. She's planning on releasing two vaguely connected spin-offs: an adult novel featuring her previous heroine (Princess Mia Thermopolis, heir to the fictional kingdom of Genovia) and a middle-grade novel centering around Olivia Grace...

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Mar 11 2014

Anne Rice tries again


According to Dread Central, Anne Rice is going to write another installment of her Vampire Chronicles series. The book will be called Prince Lestat, and the author briefly described the plot...

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Dec 17 2013

My eyes remain dry.


The Guardian posted an article about a trio of unpublished J.D. Salinger short stories that recently leaked online. The transcripts are apparently accurate, and have lead to considerable hand-wringing for Salinger's fans, who are torn between their desire to read the difficult-to-obtain* stories before Salinger's approved publication date of January 27th, 2060...

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Oct 24 2013

My eyes, they roll


I have serious doubts about this, you guys: BBC News recently posted a round-up article about the upcoming series of six contemporary re-workings of Jane Austen's books. The HarperCollins project kicks off this month with Joanna Trollope's version of Sense and Sensibility, due out on October 29th. Future authors include...

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Oct 16 2013

Pride and Prejudice reworked (some more)


There was some good news on the Jane Austen continuation/retelling front this week: AustenBlog posted a very positive review of Nancy Kelley's His Good Opinion, and I was pleased to see that Lara S. Ormiston's upcoming Pride and Prejudice retelling Unequal Affection has been blessed with lovely cover art...

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Oct 15 2013

Rick Riordan gives an update


And speaking of Rick Riordan's The House of Hades (which I was, at least in passing), the author recently gave a lengthy interview to Publishers Weekly, which included an update on his upcoming series about the Norse gods...

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Oct 15 2013

If that extra minute matters...


I'm definitely going to read Veronica Roth's Allegiant, but I'm not invested enough to go out at midnight on October 22 to pick up a copy. (In contrast, if Rick Riordan's The House of Hades had been available at midnight, I would have been there with bells on.) However, more hardcore Roth fans can now get a teeny-tiny head start on the story...

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