Too Lifetime?

Judy Blume's 1981 novel Tiger Eyes has been made into a movie. The film, directed by Blume's son Lawrence and co-written by the author, is due out June 7th. I've never been a huge Blume fan—most of her best-known books were written before I was born, so the buzz was long over by the time I was old enough to read them, they're too angst-ridden for my taste, and any shock value they might have had was pretty much nil in my house, seeing as my parents were always utterly matter-of-fact about sex. I am curious to see how wide the release of this film will actually be. Last year's Pitch Perfect proved that audiences will watch movies about young women doing something other than A) falling desperately in love with supernatural creatures, or B) struggling against dystopian empires, but this looks like a very different (and much soggier) beast.
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