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Jan 18 2023

I like the font, at least


Well, it's finally happening: Judy Blume's 1970 awkward-teen-girl classic Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret is being made into a movie. The trailer looks good (in a painfully embarrassing way, but that's due to the source material), so...

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Oct 18 2018

I've always wanted a comma between "there" and "God"


Apparently, Judy Blume recently announced that she was considering opening up more of her books to potential film adaptations, and someone has just snagged her most famous novel. According to Deadline, producer James L. Brooks and writer Kelly Fremon Craig...

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May 22 2014

They really anticipate a demand, don't they?


While visiting Barnes and Noble, I ran across these freshly reprinted Judy Blume novels in the "New Teen Books" section. Setting aside my issues with describing a bunch of books written before I was born as "new", I generally like these reprints, although I'm not sure why Simon and Schuster felt we needed two new editions...

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Apr 25 2013

Too Lifetime?


Judy Blume's 1981 novel Tiger Eyes has been made into a movie. The film, directed by Blume's son Lawrence and co-written by the author, is due out June 7th. I've never been a huge Blume fan—most of her best-known books were written before I was born, so the buzz was long over by the time I was old enough to read them, they're too angst-ridden for my taste, and any shock value they might have had was pretty much nil in my house...

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Sep 5 2012

Best of luck, Ms. Blume


According to People magazine, author Judy Blume has (had?) breast cancer, but underwent a successful mastectomy on July 30th, and won't need chemotherapy. The article goes into some of Blume's health history as well...

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Jan 12 2011

Show your Judy Blume love!

Random House Audio has kicked off a Judy Blume Journal Contest. Share your favorite Blume-related story or memory online and you'll be entered to win an iPod Touch, iTunes gift card, collection o...

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Oct 6 2009

Judy Blume overshares least, we expect the friend she mentions in her response to the Deenie question in this otherwise excellent interview thinks so. That's the kind of anecdote that probably should have remaine...

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Mar 4 2006

Judy Blume's feminine protection: redux

Judy Blume's groundbreaking novel Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret has apparently been updated for today's readers. All mentions of the "pink belt" (Margaret's great coming-of-age landmark) h...

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