Dumber than a box of rocks

Entertainment bigwigs in Japan have apparently decided the world needs ANOTHER Itazura Na Kiss adaptation, despite the varying success of the three versions that already exist. Like so many before them, they seem untroubled by the fact that the series was never even finished (the author died unexpectedly at age 38, close to the end of the story's run), and, even if the non-existent ending had turned out to be incredibly brilliant, nothing could have saved this series* from going down in history as one of the silliest shojo manga of all time.

*In 2009, I described Itazura Na Kiss thusly:
"[It's] the story of a sweet, stubborn girl who's as useless as she is dim-witted. She has almost no redeeming qualities, but she falls in love with the coolest, handsomest, smartest boy in her school... and when a freak accident results in the two of them living together, she decides to confess her feelings. He icily shoots her down, but over the rest of the series (and it goes on for years) he grows to care for her. He remains a cold, nasty, high-functioning prat, and she remains a total idiot, but their respective inadequacies are supposed to total up to true love."
A year later, I added this:
"[The story] features a sexual dynamic straight out of a C-grade Harlequin series romance from 1962."
Both are true, but apparently audiences are clamoring for more.
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