GYAH. Dramabeans says they're making a K-drama out of Itazura Na Kiss!!!

Why this series? WHY?!? It's already been adapted into two enormously popular Taiwanese dramas and a Japanese anime, but none of them (and they've all been relatively high-quality) have obscured the fact that this series is seriously, tragically, monumentally stupid, and I don't care how good the Korean adaptation could be: it's not going to be good enough to fix this story.

Itazura Na Kiss is the story of a sweet, stubborn girl who's as useless as she is dim-witted. She has almost no redeeming qualities, but she falls in love with the coolest, handsomest, smartest boy in her school... and when a freak accident results in the two of them living together, she decides to confess her feelings. He icily shoots her down, but over the rest of the series (and it goes on for years) he grows to care for her. He remains a cold, nasty, high-functioning prat, and she remains a total idiot, but their respective inadequacies are supposed to total up to true love.

To which I say a withering "Whatever".
Posted by: Julianka


07 Aug, 2009 03:36 PM @ version 0

I think that Twilight opened the door for a new form of Mary-Sue: the characters are complete morons or jerks or are nails-on-chalkboard irritating in some other way and you wonder how they can even function in society, and yet they somehow manage to find love and fame and happiness and "happily ever after" despite their best efforts.

07 Aug, 2009 09:17 PM @ version 0

Totally! You can see a lot of these totally hapless heroines in manga (particularly older manga, like this one), but I had hoped that we'd left these heroines mostly behind in American pop culture, as "hardcore pining" is not my favorite definitive character trait. Unfortunately, the success of Twilight pretty much proves me wrong....

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