Inquiring minds

Is it just me, or have cookbooks gotten crazy expensive lately? Or were they always crazy expensive, and I just never bought cookbooks and therefore didn't notice? Because I was all set to buy a copy of Yamuna Devi's Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking this weekend, but then I noticed it cost forty dollars. Why?!? I can see that the original book was a hugely labor-intensive project*, but A) it features illustrations rather than photographs, which should lower printing costs, and B) this edition is a reprint! How much could it possibly have cost to update a book that was first published less than 20 years ago**? And wouldn't the publishers sell way more copies if it went for, say, $25***?

*800 pages, 500+ recipes
**So it's not like they have to update measurements from 1837.
***Even $30! I would have paid thirty bucks for it!

[Note: These are not rhetorical questions. I totally want to know.]
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