Oh, the humanity.

Nobody could be more excited than I was about Lisa Kleypas's upcoming contemporary romance novel, Sugar Daddy. Sure, I was a little taken aback by the title, but still: Lisa Kleypas. She's, like, super-awesome! She's absolutely the best historical romance novelist currently producing work, and I was delighted to hear that she was planning to expand her literary horizons.

Then, sadly, I saw the cover art. WHHHHHHYYYY???? The colors! The little cowboy hats! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Combined with that mildly squicky title, that cover art is deadly. (Although, to be fair, I do like the Art Deco-y font....) Ms. Kleypas had a chance here to expand her audience to include all of those women who are too weak-kneed to actually enter the romance section, but that pink and yellow monstrosity may well have blown it.
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