Don't Look Down

Okay, so I have to admit it- I was skeptical when I heard that Jenny Crusie's next book was going to be co-authored with Bob Mayer. I had never heard of him, and after doing some research I decided that his books didn't really seem like my kind of Wordcandy. But after checking out their joint website I am happy to discover that I was so wrong... I can't wait until this book comes out!

And how did this unlikely partnership come about?

"One evening in Maui, Jenny Crusie was watching the sun set over the Pacific when Bob Mayer sat down beside her and said, "What do you write?" Jenny said, "Well, basically, in my books, people have sex and get married." Bob said, "In my books, people have sex and die."

Naturally they decided to collaborate.

Nine months later, Don't Look Down was done."

I know I have mentioned this book before (okay, maybe a few times) but after I discovered their website I knew I had to pass it along. Make sure you click on the book spine to read the hilarious first chapter and definitely check out their joint blog. If the book is anything like the website then we are in for a great ride!
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