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Sep 1 2015



Huh. It seems there's going to not only be a Ready Player One movie (which: why? We already have two Charlie and the Chocolate Factory adaptations. Can't we just re-watch those?), but...

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Mar 19 2013

Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline


Ernest Cline's debut novel Ready Player One borrows its premise from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, its plot from TRON, and its conclusion from The Wizard of Oz, but that's actually okay: people are buying this novel to wallow in all the geek-oriented nostalgia, not marvel at the author's originality...

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Mar 18 2013

Weekly Book Giveaway: Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline


This week's book giveaway pick is Ernest Cline's Ready Player One, which we're planning to review tomorrow. I haven't finished it yet, but thus far it appears to be a modern-day reworking of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only with video games instead of candy...

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