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Dec 5 2017

Ugh. But also: ha


It's time for the 2017 Literary Bad Sex Awards, and you can see the shortlisted entries here. They're all pretty painful, but my favorites are the ones that obviously aspire to achieve something impressive on the sexual and artistic fronts, and fail equally at both...

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Dec 4 2014

Bad sex


The Literary Review has announced the winner of its 22nd annual "Bad Sex in Fiction" award: The Age of Magic, by Nigerian author Ben Okri. I have not read this novel (and I'm not gonna), but...

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Nov 20 2012

A sex scene that includes the word "wubbering" should win automatically.


Sadly, neither E.L. James nor J.K. Rowling have made the shortlist for the Literary Review's annual Bad Sex Award. Rowling's writing was described as containing a "couple of queasy moments", but overall judged to be too good, and intentionally pornographic/erotic literature is excluded, so that meant James's series was out...

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