Those Breaking Dawn readers are angry. Heh.
Posted by: Julianka


14 Aug, 2008 04:35 AM @ version 0

I hear there's also considerable controversy over a possible anti-abortion message conveyed by the last book. Haven't read it, though, so I can't weigh in on the argument.

18 Aug, 2008 11:01 PM @ version 0

i dont get why these people are freaking out. i just finished the book yesterday and i loved it. perhaps these people are just upset because it didn't end the way they wanted it to.

19 Aug, 2008 08:43 AM @ version 0

Well, in addition to the perceived anti-abortion message, people seem skeeved out by the over-the-top sex and birth scenes.

But I have a question--what does the "imprinting" thing with Jacob and Bella's daughter mean, anyway? (I gave up on this series after the second book, but I hit up wikipedia for spoilers, and now I'm curious.) Is it like a baby-bird relationship, or is Jacob, like, gonna marry the kid someday?

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