The Middleman

I don't have cable, and even if I DID have cable, I probably wouldn't be watching ABC Family... but now I might have to start. In addition to those upcoming Meg Cabot adaptations*, ABC Family's adaptation of Javier Grillo-Marxuach's The Middleman graphic novels started Monday:

According to The Middleman's wiki page, Grillo-Marxuach originally wanted his series to be a TV pilot, but decided that the cost of realizing his vision would be prohibitively expensive and made it into a comic book instead. (Apparently, producing a villain described as a "tentacled ass monster" doesn't come cheap on TV.)

The show has been getting some great reviews, and I hear you can watch the first episode for free on iTunes.

*I've decided to force Megan to watch these first, like a canary in the TV mineshaft...
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