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Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie

Why you should buy a copy of your very own:
Because you should buy a copy of every Jenny Crusie book that you can get your little hands on, obviously.

In this scene...
Min Dobbs is in the process of being dumped by her yuppie scum boyfriend. She's not exactly torn up about being dumped (she's well aware that he's yuppie scum), but she is mad as hell about the fact that now she won't have a date to her sister's wedding, and her mother is gonna kill her if she shows up without an escort.

'"I'm sorry, Min," David said, clearly not.

Min crossed her arms over her gray-checked suit jacket so she wouldn't smack him. "This is because I won't go home with you tonight? It's Wednesday. I have to work tomorrow. You have to work tomorrow. I paid for my own drink."

"It's not that." David looked noble and wounded as only the tall, dark, and self-righteous could. "You're not making any effort to make our relationship work, which means..."

Which means we've been dating for two months and I still won't sleep with you. Min tuned him out and looked around the babbling crowd. If I had an untraceable poison, I could drop it in his drink now and none of these suits would notice.

"...and I do think, if we have any future, that you should contribute too," David said.

Oh, I don't, Min thought, which meant that David had a point. Still, lack of sex was no excuse for dumping her three weeks before she had to wear a maid-of-honor dress that made her look like a fat, demented shepherdess. "Of course we have a future, David," she said, trying to put her anger on ice. "We have plans. Diana is getting married in three weeks. You're invited to the wedding. To the rehearsal dinner. To the bachelor party. You're going to miss the stripper, David."

"Is that all you think of me?" David's voice went up. "I'm just a date to your sister's wedding?"

"Of course not," Min said. "Just as I'm sure I'm more to you than somebody to sleep with."

David opened his mouth and closed it again. "Well, of course."'

(c)Jennifer Cruise, 2004
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