Savor the Moment, by Nora Roberts

Savor the Moment is the third book in Nora Roberts' best-selling Bride Quartet. This installment focuses on pastry chef Laurel McBane, co-owner of Vows, the wedding-planning company she founded with childhood friends Parker, Emma, and Mac. Laurel's been hiding a monster-sized crush on Parker's older brother Delaney for over a decade, and plans on keeping it secret forever—until one impulsive kiss transforms their relationship from friendly to romantic.

Laurel and Del are intelligent, attractive, well-adjusted adults who totally dig each other. This, naturally, creates a dilemma. If they're perfect for one another, where's the drama? The angst? Roberts has written herself into this corner before, and in the past she's handled it by giving one of the characters some massive (and usually kind of stupid) emotional hang-up. Happily, that isn't the case here. Laurel and Del have issues, but everything is sunshine and roses until the very end of the book, when they have a relatively (by romance novel standards) mild argument... which immediately leads to them clarifying their feelings for one another and riding off into the sunset. Seriously—that's it. The book is sweet, funny, and drama-free. It's not the most exciting thing ever written, but if you're looking for a few hours' worth of pleasant distraction, Savor the Moment is practically a Golden Ticket.
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