Moving out...

Well, I am finally back from my long weekend of checking out our nation's capital for possible areas to live. Yes--in just a few short months I am going to pack everything up and move to Washington, D.C. I am super excited about a new city... but I am so not into the actual packing and moving thing. (You can just imagine how many boxes of books I have.) Luckily Julia & Nathan are coming out to help me with the move! Right, guys? Right?

One of the best resources that I found is the Newcomer's Handbooks. This series has great descriptions of the various neighborhoods in the city and the surrounding areas. These books have been really helpful in narrowing down the parts of town I might want to live in (and the parts of town that I will never be able to afford). Plus, they're a great resource for accomplishing all those pesky little chores that are associated with moving, like hooking up utilities, getting a new licence, finding a doctor or vet, volunteer opportunities--that kind of thing. I would recommend these books to anyone who is thinking about moving to any of the cities they have covered. They're a great starting tool.

Also, if you know anyone who is moving to a new city due to a new job or maybe graduating from college, check out their publisher's "Welcome Packages". These come with a copy of the Newcomer's Handbook for that city and various other resources, like a Zagat Restaurant guide and city map. (Plus they stick in some cookies and candy to munch on while you freak out over the expense of moving.)
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