Guilty Pleasures

No, this post is not another Laurell K. Hamilton bashing post (although after her last book it really should be--it sucked, Laurell!). Today we are talking about those books that you love in spite of themselves--books that, though you might not be inclined to admit it, are total comfort reading.

My personal guilty pleasure is the book Nobody's Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I know the plot of this book is bad... really bad. Dr. Jane Darlington, a genius physicist, realizes on her 34th birthday that she desperately wants a child. Sperm banks are not an option because they tend to be stocked with smart sperm, which would result in a freakishly smart child. She just can't do that to her unborn baby (she was tormented by her own abnormal intelligence as a child) so she decides to find a stupid man to be her 'donor'. Where better for her to look but to Chicago Stars quarterback Cal Bonner? Then there's this plan that involves her posing as a high class prostitute and tampering with a condom to get her baby. (Super classy!) But then, of course, we get to the forced marriage, hillbilly grandmother, Lucky Charms tampering, shotguns and so, so much more.

So I know that this plot is absurd, leaning more toward "Who would ever admit to reading this, let along liking it?", but I don't care--it's absolutely hilarious. It is the one book on my shelf that I routinely read at least once a year and still enjoy.

Now that I have admitted my personal guilty pleasure, I would love to hear about yours. Come on, I know you all have one!
Posted by: Julianka


13 Apr, 2006 04:22 PM @ version 0

I don't know how guilty I feel about this, but I probably re-read Nora Roberts's 'Dance Upon the Air' at least once a year-- and it's not because I like the romance that much, either. It's because off all the FOOD. The heroine is a chef, and the book takes place in the fall, and all those descriptions of cookies and soups and muffins... pardon me. I must head off and eat something.

But for true guilty pleasures, nothing beats vintage Harlequin romance novels. The sexual harassment. The mind-blowningly dated gender roles. The cheese...

20 Apr, 2006 02:04 AM @ version 0

I have a tattered copy of Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey on my shelf that I read at least once a year while eating brownie mix straight up. As I get older I can't decide if the book or the food is more embarrassing!

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