Alan Moore + Hollywood = ...meh.

Brace yourselves, gentle readers, there's another Alan Moore film adaptation coming out. Why? Why does Hollywood keep doing this to us? Was From Hell any good? No. Was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen any good? Nooooo. Will V for Vendetta or the "in production" film version of Watchmen be any good? I don't know, but I wouldn't bet money on it. This man's comics do not make good movies, people. Leave them alone.

Also? All comic book authors, please take note:

You need to stop publicly trashing the film adaptations of your stories. If you don't think the movie version of your story will be any good, DON'T SELL THE RIGHTS. I mean- what did you think was gonna happen? It's not like there's much evidence that Hollywood knows a good comic book from a hole in the ground. For every half-decent comic book adaptation, there's six craptastic ones. The odds are not on your side. If you take a gamble on Hollywood, that's fine, but complaining about it after they produce something terrible just makes you a whiner.
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