Holiday Gift Idea 3: Moomin mugs

Okay, this is an extremely taste-specific gift suggestion, but if you know anyone who likes the Moomin series, I've found some (reasonably) affordable Moomin-themed mugs. As a lifelong lover of the Moomin stories, I have always been chagrined by how expensive the various merchandising tie-ins are: $20 towels! $35 mugs! $100 trays! Are there that many super-rich fans of an (admittedly pretty weird) midcentury Finnish kids' comic*? But for Moomin fans on a budget, Yamaka Japan has released a line of lovely mugs featuring author and artist Tove Jansson's dreamy, delicate artwork. They're just as pretty as those made by some of the Finnish design houses, and considerably more affordable.

*Apparently so, because they're still making loads of pricey merch.

Price: Between $17 and $27, depending on size
Posted by: Julianka


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