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Pajiba posted an update yesterday on the upcoming HBO adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects. The series was originally slated to become a feature film in 2014, but then executive producer Marti Noxon pitched it as an 8-part series instead. Filming started last month, and it sounds almost Scandinavian in its self-conscious bleakness:
"Camille, a reporter (Amy Adams), returns home to cover some violent murders, and has to confront some trauma from her past. So far, so predictable. But the novel’s starting point is murdered and mutilated pre-teen girls, being reported on by a young woman whose body bears the scars of truly elaborate self-harm. “A child weaned on poison considers harm a comfort,” she says. From there, it’s a twisting journey through horrific child abuse, underage sex, some highly questionable sex decisions from the adults, and other things that I won’t name here for the sake of spoilers. The plot goes where you don’t want it to go. And it keeps on going. If you thought Gone Girl’s ending was bleak, this one goes way past that.

The most unfilmable part? Camille’s little sister, Amma. Book Amma is 13 years old. Babied by her mother, who treats her like a little doll, Amma is a troubled, deeply cynical and precocious Mean Girl who gets high and naked a lot. When she isn’t terrifying, she’s deeply worrying."
No, thank you.
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