Nisekoi Vol. 1, by Naoshi Komi

Naoshi Komi's Nisekoi is the manga equivalent of vanilla frozen yogurt: a sub-par take on an already boring flavor. It's not wholly unreadable, but it would be so easy to find something better.

Raku Ichijo has been searching for his first love for years (if only he could remember her name or face), but as the heir to a yakuza gang, his first duty is to family. So when his father arranges a match between Raku and Chitoge Kirisaki, a rival gang leader's daughter, Raku has no choice but to play along. Unfortunately, Raku and Chitoge have already met, and dislike one another immensely...

Literally everything in Nisekoi has been done before—frequently and in far more creative ways. But even that would be forgivable (I like cliched stories, as long as they're done well!), if the author hadn't stretched it out to a whopping twenty-five volumes, even though there's barely enough plot to justify, like, four. Sure, you can read Nisekoi if you have $250 to spare and literally nothing else to do with your time, but the world is full of better choices.
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