Reworked, again

According to Deadline, the Nancy Drew TV series that failed to find a home last season has been put into development this year for NBC, albeit with a slightly altered premise. This version will apparently be a lot different from the books:
"[The new series envisions] Nancy, who wrote the books based on her childhood explorations with her two childhood girlfriends but took some liberties, always casting herself as the heroine, relegating the characters based on her friends as the sidekicks.

As a result, “She found fame but in the process lost her best friends,” Phelan said.

The series is about Nancy getting back together with her girlfriends as they all are now women of a certain age, in their 40s or 50s. Overcoming the inevitable bad blood, they pull on their strength, which is their knack for solving mysteries together.
Sure, okay, whatever!
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