So many extra "e"s...

Much to my delight, NPR recently posted another glorious advice column featuring the wisdom of Twitter personality Chaucer Doth Tweet. In this installment, Chaucer answers many questions related to summer travel, ranging from tips on what to consider when embarking on long car trips ("Whanne on a journey thou must alwayes bear yn mynde the three Ts: Timinge, Tales, and Treates") to sharing his thoughts on glamping:
"Lo, good folke, Ich have reade muchel of glamping in the romaunces and historyes of knightes and chivalrye. For yn dayes of oold manye a great knighte and warlike kynge hath glamped. And yn our tyme wyth myne owene eyes Ich have seen Kynge Edward III glampinge whanne on campaign. Hys royal pavilion was so huge yt hadde a bowlinge alleye and ynogh breakfast nookes for al the knightes of the Order of the Garter to have French toaste simultaneouslye."
The whole thing is a glorious and inspiring read, although it may have done lasting damage to my ability to spell.
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